OMO (English Edition) por J.H.M. Okthos

OMO (English Edition) por J.H.M. Okthos
Titulo del libro : OMO (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : April 1, 2018
Autor : J.H.M. Okthos
Número de páginas : 394

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J.H.M. Okthos con OMO (English Edition)

A mysterious woman riding across Britain is the catalyst that causes tribes of wild cyclists to roam the countryside, gathering numbers and momentum. Many give up their names and memories in search of revenge, transcendence, and the essence of the mysterious force that caused it all. Journalists, detectives, and writers struggle to make sense of the global mania as it escalates out of control.

OMO is a book about chaos, the power of the bicycle, and the value of experience over knowledge.