How to Price Digital Fine Art Prints (English Edition) por Barney Davey

How to Price Digital Fine Art Prints (English Edition) por Barney Davey
Titulo del libro : How to Price Digital Fine Art Prints (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : October 15, 2011
Autor : Barney Davey
Número de páginas : 105

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Barney Davey con How to Price Digital Fine Art Prints (English Edition)

Learning how to price art prints is a significant challenge for visual artists. Since no accepted standards exist for pricing giclées, the industry term for digital fine art print reproductions, artists are left to costly trial and error methods. How to Price Digital Fine Art Prints, a new e-book by art print industry veteran, Barney Davey, fills the gap.

Experience shows artists informed with differing perspectives have a competitive advantage in developing effective pricing strategies. To help his readers, Davey chose top art marketing professionals with varied backgrounds to answer puzzling art print pricing questions.

Barry Glustoff, a leading digital fine art printmaker, and founder of Digital Arts Studio, says, “This e-book is a great resource. Any visual artist can use it to discover how to competitively price fine art giclée prints.”

This e-book is a one-of-a-kind reference for pricing digital fine art reproductions. It addresses thirty critical giclée pricing and art print marketing questions, including these:
•Is pricing by the square inch the best method?
•Are there other effective ways art to price prints besides per square inch?
•How important is consistency in pricing art prints across different distribution channels, such as galleries, websites and selling direct?
•Should pricing for sale through galleries and dealers always be considered? In other words, if an artist is not in a gallery now, should her art prices include the markup to galleries? Or, only if there are plans to include galleries for distribution.

The author, Barney Davey, backs visual arts education, especially since arts program funding is being stripped from school budgets. To support the National Arts Education Foundation, $2.00 from every e-book order is donated to the NAEF. It assists teachers of art in America. Its programs improve the conditions of teaching art, promotes the teaching of art and much more.

Barney Davey has guided scores of successful self-representing artists and art print publishers on art marketing issues for more than two decades. His well respected Art Print Issues blog ranks as one of the Internet’s most highly trafficked art business blogs. Its archive, with nearly 500 art marketing posts, is a reservoir of art print market news, knowledge and advice.