The Clover saddle

Tree-Clover Tree-Clover

A number of years ago, Smári decided to find a saddle maker who would be prepared to make a custom saddle for him, as he was not happy with anything he could find on the open market for Icelandic horses.     The saddles that we ride in today are the ones that he has been slowly improving on over the years.


There are two different styles of saddle that are available from us, one treed saddle and one that comprises of a half tree.      A growing number of Icelandic horse owners use Smári Clover saddles and we use them on all of our horses.  Due to the design of the saddle, and the memory foam that fills the panels, they mold themselves to the shape of the individual horse rather than forcing the horse to fit the saddle (as can happen over time).   I have even used the saddle on my Arabian horse at the time and it fit him well.
The features of the saddle are as follows:

  1. Memory foam filled panels and seat.   As the foam warms with the heat of the horse and rider, the saddle molds to fit.   This helps to reduce chaffing, uncomfortable pressure points and also enables the use of one saddle for many horses.

  2. Fully adjustable ‘floating’ panels fixed by industrial strength Velcro that can be moved around to increase or decrease the width of the gullet, or to move the panels backwards or forwards as desired.

  3. Extra wide panels that spread the weight of the rider over a greater area on the horses back which again helps to reduce pressure points on the horse.

  4. Close contact saddle, one layer of leather between the horse’s sides and the rider’s legs.   This gives more feeling to the rider and is a real bonus when it comes to knowing how the horse is moving, and increases clarity and sensitivity to the rider’s aids.

  5. Treed version of this saddle is built on an open spring tree with increases flexibility.

  6. A choice of treed or half tree design.

  7. The half tree has the tree at the front of the saddle (around the pommel), which maintains the shape of the saddle over the horses’ withers, helps to ensure that the saddle does not collapse onto the spine of the horse.  This design was also to prevent slipping forwards or backwards, or rolling of the saddle as can a disadvantage with treeless saddles.

  8. The saddle is a dressage shape with larger knee rolls that help to keep the rider’s leg secure.   This is also an advantage to those riders with young and/or unpredictable horses.    The knee rolls also contain memory foam.

  9. The saddles are also extremely light weight (weights can be supplied as requested)

The Smári ‘Clover’ saddle and Smári ‘Clover half tree’ saddle are only available from us at Edda Hestar and we have each saddle made to order for each purchase (colour and size).
Price (not including postage):
£950.00 (this includes an extra wide neoprene dressage girth)
Sizes available:
Black, brown (light or dark) or a combination of black and brown.