• The Icelandic Horse is known for stamina, speed, and smooth gait. Among these are two unique gaits, the Tolt (running walk) and Skeid (flying pace). These unique, smooth gaits give the rider a sensation of floating..


My name is Smári Slater and Edda Hestar is the name of the company I run with my wife Mandy. Here at Blaenwaun Farm, near Carmarthen in Wales we train, sell and breed Icelandic horses. We are both dedicated to produce good Icelandic horses that are a pleasure to own and ride, with clean clear gaits, soft mouths and excellent characters. If you are thinking of buying an Icelandic horse or if you have one and feel some training or a holiday might be in order, please feel free to contact us. The best time to catch us is in the evening, however you can call or email us any time and leave a message if we are not in.